Press Release
For Immediate Release

Kane County Recorder’s Office announces availability of electronic document recording services

Geneva, IL 10/11/07

Sandy Wegman, the Kane County Recorder, today announced the availability of electronic document recording services, or eRecording. eRecording is the paperless process of electronically submitting documents for recording, eliminating the need to deliver the original paper documents to the recorder’s office.

With eRecording, financial institutions like banks and title companies securely transmit digital documents through the internet, greatly reducing the amount of time required to record the documents. Once received, the electronic document goes through the same process as a paper document. It is checked for legal compliance, payment is verified for accuracy and accepted, the documents are digitally endorsed with the recorder’s stamp, and the indexing data is verified. The documents are then immediately available for public searching.

The eRecording system was developed for the Kane County Recorder’s office by IT-Stability Systems, LLC, located in Hoffman Estates, IL. It conforms to the Property Records Industry Association’s (PRIA) guidelines and specifications, enabling industry-standard interoperation with other compliant systems. Chicago based Harris Bank was the first to eRecord documents through the new system.

The new eRecording process provides time and cost savings to both the Recorder’s office and the document submitters. It reduces errors by eliminating paper handling, saves postage costs in submitting and returning documents, and requires less staff time to process the documents. It is also ecologically friendly by greatly reducing the amount of paper used in the document recording process.

“The taxpayers, the lenders, and the title companies all benefit by saving time and money” said Sandy Wegman. “And we turn the documents around faster than ever before. It’s another way that we’re using technology to revolutionize the way this office functions.” For additional information, contact the Kane County Recorder’s Office at 630-232-5935.