DATE: October 15, 2007

SUBJECT: Military Discharges (DD-214s)

CONTACT: Sandy Wegman, Recorder, Kane County

PHONE: (630) 232-5949 FAX: (630) 232-5940


Sandy wegman, Kane County Recorder, is reminding all veterans to record their military discharge papers (DD-214s) with the Recorder’s Office. Should the veteran need to apply for benefits including medical care and Veterans Administration loans, there documents will be needed. By recording the DD-214s, certified copies will always be available.

In the event that a DD-214 is lost or misplaced, it may take up to 21 days or longer to receive a new one. If a new DD-214 needs to be applied for, the only place this can be done is the National Personnel Records Center in St. Louis, Missouri.

It should be noted that Wegman’s office has taken major precautions to protect these records from identity theft. Computer images of military discharge papers (DD-214s) have been blocked from public view.

If further information is needed, please call Sandy Wegman at 630-232-5949