In compliance with HB0547 (2009) and HB5586 (2008), access to social security numbers and both the redaction of social security numbers from all records publicly displayed on a website and the redaction of other personal identifiable information displayed on any internet website maintained by the recorder upon request by any person, the County Recorder of Kane County submits the following policy.

By December, 2009, the Recorder’s office of Kane County will:

1. Ensure that all members of our staff who have the responsibility of recording documents or searching and viewing document records, will be fully trained to identify social security numbers, both in current documents that are submitted for recording and in documents that have been scanned into the Recorder’s office imaging system. This training will include instruction in how to protect the confidentially of these social security numbers.
2. Ensure that only staff members who have been trained as noted in number 1 above shall be permitted access to any records that may contain social security numbers.
3. Have the technology in place that will provide for the identification and redaction of any personal identifiable information, including social security number, employer taxpayer identification number, driver’s license number, state identification number, passport number, checking account number, savings account number, credit card number, debit card number, and personal identification (PIN) code, from any record that is viewable on the website maintained by the County Recorder. Recognizing the fact that county recorders will not be liable for any claims arising from unintentional or inadvertent violations of Section 3-5047 of HB5586, the Recorder’s office will, however, take all reasonable steps to ensure that all social security numbers that may be viewable on the internet are redacted.
4. Have the capability to respond to any person’s request to remove his or her social security number, or any other personal identifiable information, from any document that displays on the County Recorder’s website.
5. Ensure that all members of the Recorder’s office staff who have the responsibility of recording documents or searching and viewing document records, will be trained in the method of manually redacting, on the document image, any social security numbers that the imaging system may not have automatically redacted.

And, by December, 2011, the Recorder’s office will have processed for redaction of social security numbers all document records that are viewable on the internet. By this date, the ability to manually verify this redaction will also be available, as well as the ability to manually redact any other personal identifiable information requested by any person.

Date: 12/01/2009

Name: Sandy Wegman

Title: Kane County Recorder