Date: December 15th, 2015

Subject: Deed Provider Warning

Contact: Sandy Wegman, Kane County Recorder

Phone:(630) 232-5949 Fax: (630) 232-5940

The Recorder’s Office has begun receiving inquiries regarding letters received by local citizens from companies offering to get them a Certified Copy of their Deed for $79.50 or $85.00, etc which includes shipping & handling. The letter states, “If you don’t already have this most important document, you should obtain one now. The document provides evidence that your property was transferred to you.”

Most likely this deed was included in the papers that came with your mortgage package. If not, the Kane County Recorder’s Office will provide a copy for $1.00 per page or $47.00 for a Certified Copy. It should be noted that the document numbers contained in these letters are a part of our document recording and search system. They may be printed from your home computer for free but will print with a water mark.

Should anyone have a concern regarding any letter they receive referring to real estate they own and have questions, they may contact this office at 630-232-5935.