DATE: February 8th, 2018
Effective immediately, we will no longer check documents for the Illinois State Statutory requirements. You may want to check the documents prior to presenting them for recording. In the event documents are deficient or do not contain correct information, you may want to re-record with correct information. The fee for re-recording will be your responsibility.
There are a few exceptions. We will continue to review the Certificates of Compliance and Exemptions for mortgages, the Certificates of Service on Lis Pendens, PTAXs, UCCs and maps.
Just a reminder, we have Plat Act Affidavits and Recording Cover Pages on our website at These and other forms can be printed free of charge.
Again, to help avoid having a document re-recorded please check the documents thoroughly before sending them to us. If you have questions about the statutory requirements, please contact us or visit the Statute. We will be happy to talk with you or set up an appointment to go over the recording process and information for which we are looking.

Lynda Colton
Recording Manager