FOIA Requests


Kane County Recorder’s Office FOIA Officer
David Scholes
719 S Batavia Ave, Bldg C
Geneva, IL 60134
Phone: 630-232-5947
Fax: 630-232-5940

How can I request public records?

Our Public Records land search records program is available on line at . The documents are available free of charge for you to print from your computer.

What fees will be charged?

Generally, copies of the first fifty (50) pages will be provided at no cost. Copies provided thereafter are available at fifteen cents (.15) per page (or the actual cost of reproducing) after fifty (50) pages.

The above-noted fees only apply for fees not already fixed by State Statute and /or local Resolution/Ordinance. The fees for documents found in the Kane County Recorder’s Office Land Search database have been set by statue and County Resolution. The Kane County Recorder’s Office does not perform property searches. The cost of specialized documents such as maps or oversized documents varies by document. Our copy fees are listed on the web site on the price list. Please request an approximate fee for specialized documents. Payment can be made via cash, check or credit card to the Kane County Recorder’s Office.

When will I receive a response?

If it is not possible to provide copies or allow for a complete review of the documents within five business days of the request, the requestor will be notified. Commercial requests will be held to the designated 21 day response time.

What records are available to the Public from the Kane County Recorder's Office?

All deeds, mortgages, releases, easements, affidavits, liens, judgments, incorporation papers, and a variety of other related documents are available for viewing online at and in the office.

As allowed by State Law, and related case law, some records (including Military Discharge Papers) are not available for public inspection. The office price list, a variety of document form templates, PTAX forms, a Recording Cover Page, and a Plat Act Affidavit form are among the forms available for downloading from the website.

Disclaimer and Use Information:

The Kane County Recorder’s Office provides information in response to Public Records Requests in good faith with no warranty, expressed or implied, concerning content, accuracy, currency or completeness. It does not accept any liability arising from incorrect, incomplete or misleading information or improper use. Use or interpretation of the data is solely the Requestor’s responsibility. As applicable, the Kane County Recorder’s Office shall retain all right, title, and interest in the information.