As per Illinois Statute, 55 ILCS 5/3-5018. Fees and instruments not in compliance with the standardization of forms legislation will be subject to an additional $17 fee. The statute also provides for a charge of $10.00 to be added to every instrument filed for record to defray the cost of the Recorder's document storage system, an additional $20.00 to defray the cost of implementing or maintaining the county's Geographic Information System, and the recently passed State Senate Bill 75, Rental Housing Support Program Surcharge (RHSPS) of $10.00.

Requirements for Standardization of Documents

** Our current accepted forms of payment for recordings are cash and check only **
** We do not accept $100 bills **

Recordation of General Instruments
   Recording Real Estate Related Documents $62.00
   Non Real Estate Related Documents $52.00

Plats and Delineations governed by the Plat Act
(exempt from Standard Forms Legislation)
   Plat(Subdivision, Townhouse, etc.) $90.00
   Each additional page $1.00
   Plat of Survey(single page, legal size; no more than two lots or parcels) $62.00

Plats Governed by the Condominium Act
   Declaration and Plat are submitted and recorded as one instrument $112.00
   Each additional page $1.00

Non-Conforming Documents
   More than 5 parcel numbers
   More than 5 referenced document numbers

Universal Commercial Code (UCC)
Note: Standard forms approved by Illinois Secretary of State are UCC-1, UCC-2 & UCC-3
   Financing Statement $60.00
   UCC Termination Statement $45.00
   UCC Search - certificate issued per name $10.00

Photo Copies
   Photo Copy per page $1.00
   File stamped copy at time of recording (per page) $1.00

Certified Copies
   First 4 pages $62.00
   Each additional page $1.00

Plat and Delineation Copies
Copy of a Subdivision Plat, Map, etc.
   First page $5.00
   Each additional page $2.00
   Certified Copy of Plat $10.00

Military Discharge: DD214's
   Recordation $0.00
   Certified Copies $0.00

Fax Machine
630-232-5945 - Copies sent by fax within Continental USA
   First page $5.00
   Each additional page $1.00